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Sustainability Practices

Sustainability Practices

RFL’s CSR activities is based upon 4 pillars, Healthcare, Education, Community Development and Environment. We strongly ensure our activities are sustainable and benefits the community for the foreseeable future.

Some of our projects are mentioned below

  • ‘Pashe Achi Bangladesh’ –  We began this campaign during COVID-19. This program was initiated for struggling people who are in need of support. We have served almost 500,000 families so far. We have provided relief food, masks, sanitizers, oxygen.
  • Ahar Hobe Shobar Ghore’ – This campaign was initiated mainly for Middle Class families who suffered during the pandemic but could not ask for direct help due to social barriers. 
  • Apart from the above projects during covid, we have also provided relief and supports to various institutions like school, defense etc.
  • To help victims of human trafficking we have partnered with Winrock International and provided relief, training to migrant workers.

We want a society where mental and physical health are valued equally. While our goods ensure the smile on the faces of people, we have taken a further step to ensure the goods are consumed by a healthy nation. We have established two advanced and highly equipped hospitals - Sun Health Care Foundation & Amjad Khan Chowdhury Memorial Hospital.

Every child has the right to education and shall have the learning facilities. We dream of a community where all children learn, and to turn it into a reality, we’re working to provide learning opportunities at every corner of the country, building schools in rural Bangladesh. As a little step, we’ve already built two schools - PRAN-RFL Public School in Habiganj and Ghorashal. Furthermore, we’re relentlessly extending our supports to many schools through funding, helping students by offering scholarships, along with providing books and essential resources. We also support the teachers and staffs and are devotedly working to improve their salaries. We promise you that we’ll continue our supports and go further to shape a better, brighter, more vivid future for the children.

RFL prioritizes environmental sustainability were we think green and work green. Our motto is to achieve a Sustainable Green Planet someday. To protect and conserve this beautiful mother earth we are taking few green initiatives into account. 

1. Energy Conservation and preservation

2. ETP

3. The 3R’s ( Reduce, Reuse &Recycle) 

4. Tree plantation

Furthermore, we have also generated three Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) to ensure safe factory.

Wastage disposal, community forestation program to balance out carbon dioxide amount in the air, heat recovery boiler for efficient reuse of the heat from production and we’ve also switched to fossil fuel and powered trucks to reduce air pollution. Additionally, we utilize daylight with sky-light roof and CFL Bulbs at all our offices and factories to reduce power consumption.

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