The idea of Corporate Social Responsibility is being widely promoted all over the world.  RFL has a bifocal objective of making profits through the fulfillment of Corporate Social Responsibilities. Through our CSR activities we try to play vital role in saving the environment.

PRAN-RFL is a concept of fighting poverty & hunger in Bangladesh in the shortest possible time through employment generation.

PRAN-RFL signifies investment in agro processing. At PRAN-RFL, we aim to add value to agricultural harvest. Bangladesh's comparative advantage lies in creating a competitive edge in value added agricultural products. PRAN-RFL upholds this and stands for making it better.

At PRAN-RFL, we organize farmers into 'contract growers' of specific crops for our major processed products. With the elimination of the middleman, farmers receive fair and reasonable prices for their products and because of our technical assistance; yields, quality and income have risen considerably. Poverty alleviation through profitable enterprises is now a reachable goal for many farmers. This resolution is perhaps PRAN-RFL's greatest achievement.

Our CSR effort revolves around the four premises i.e. Environment, Energy Preservation, Community and People to improve the quality of livelihood:

  • Promises to the Environment
    • Community Forestation
    • Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
    • Heat Recovery Boiler
  • Promises to Energy Preservation
  • Promises to the People
    • To Consumer
    • To Employee
  • Promises to the Community
    • Dairy Development
    • Education Development
    • Other Social Support