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234th & 235th RFL Bike Exclusive Showroom in Natore & Rajshahi

We are very glad to inform you that, RFL Bike has successfully completed the Inauguration Program of the 234th & 235th No-Bike Exclusive showroom at Natore & Rajshahi.

On this occasion, Sr GM (Sales) - Bike, AGM-Exclusive Showroom NP, other officials, and local people were also present at the program.

Please invite your relatives, friends, and known people to the respective showroom to buy RFL Bike Products.

Showroom Name:  M/s Razzak Cycle Store.

Dealer Name: Md. Abdur Razzak                                                          .

Address: Bonpara bypass, Baraigram, Natore.

Mobile: 01724-163912.                                                                                               

Opening Date: 14/08/2023

Outlet No: 234.


Showroom Name: Bhai Bhai Cycle Store

Dealer Name: Md. Atiqul Islam                                                      

Address: Sardha Road, Baneswar, Rajshahi.                          

Mobile: 01704-374406, 01846-173114

Opening Date:  14/08/2023

Showroom Outlet: 235

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