Kooks Gas Stoves are the high-end auto gas stoves which will fulfill your need for heavy-duty performance. It has a stainless-steel body and heavy trivet which provides a robust structure.

 Advanced technology used in auto ignition makes it backfire-proof. The Auto-timer facility in the Premio model allows you to cook without any tension. You will be able to reduce gas wastage and cook faster. These stoves will provide you with an efficient and comfortable cooking experience.

Kooks sinks offer comfort and convenience in your kitchen. They have a matt finish with a very deep bole and large drain hole. The stainless steel used to produce these are of the highest quality. These sinks are available in different sizes and exclusive modern designs to suit your needs. They are fully rust-proof and scratch resistant giving each sink a durable and noiseless structure. Each sink is provided with high quality accessories free of cost.