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Saudi Xtreme 20W50, 20W40 & 10W30 (1 LTR)

SAUDI XTREME 4T Semi Synthetic Engine Oil is a new motor oil that delivers the latest development of lubricating oil technology to maximize protection for the newest gasoline fueled engines. It meets the highest   performance level of API SN & JASO MA2. It exceeds the most demanding requirements of modern engine’s emission control and oil consumption standards.  In today’s energy conscious era, SAUDI XTREME 4T is also formulated to improve fuel efficiency for consumers.

  • Exceeds the highest U.S lubricating oils standard for gasoline engines
  • Silky smooth operation for all high performance engines
  • Increases emission system durability and improves fuel efficiency
  • Improves piston cleanliness and increases engine sludge protection
  • Increase wear protection and extends service life. >> Made In Singapore
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