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Our Values In RFL, we take pride in conducting our business with integrity and promoting ethical business practices though our values. Our core values define who we are, how we operate and what makes us different than others. We have created this code of ethics in order to specify our fundamental values in detail as well as to establish an outline for ethical and acceptable behavioral standards in our organization.

RFL considers discipline as one of the most essential components of its success. No organization can function smoothly without discipline. RFL has zero tolerance for misconduct and policy violation. In our company, all of our team members are expected to comply with our disciplinary standards regarding attendance, dress code, punctuality, fairness and integrity in day to day work. We prioritize discipline over performance. We believe success can only be recognized with proper discipline and It helps us in creating a sense of prevention from wrongdoing and inappropriate behavior in the workplace. Discipline is equally important for each and every team member regardless of the position and performance level. In order to become high performer our disciplinary standards helps us to shape our moral values.

One of the key attributes we expect from our employees is their commitment to work. The culture we have in RFL, is result focused which means our primary concern is to obtain the best possible outcome. We emphasize more in prioritizing our work above personal interests. Being an employee, we value our work first and know how to get things done cost effectively. It is very important for us to know our job and act accordingly. For solving any problem we apply our knowledge and critical thinking ability wherever it’s needed. We adopt positive mindset quite beneficial for employees in order to perform well.

We believe in customer first. It is a leadership competence that we hold as a value in RFL. The concept of Customer First is about extending support which means when we work with our colleagues, teammates, customers or stakeholders we need to be proactive and be ready to serve. In order to be service oriented we need to have a positive mindset for providing better service to others. Employees should understand the professional and the personal need of our customers as well as our team members. We should make ourselves available and extend support to whoever, needed for the benefit of our organization. When our colleagues or coworkers come to us for help we should consider that as a priority and we should help them out the best way possible.

B'Fair is a concept which means to be equal to everyone in the workplace and ensuring equal opportunity for the highest outcome of work. Working as an effective employee is a key component for success in our organization. All the employees are treated equally within the workplace. There is no scope for biasness in our organization. We believe in ensuring fair judgement to our employees regardless of gender, religion, cast etc. Distribution of work must be clear and well explained to the employees. We believe, fairness is based on four principles which are-need, generosity, equality and equity. Employees must abide by the company policies for fair decision making. We ensure subordinates & team members are be treated similarly in terms of company rules and regulations.

In RFL, we believe in making continuous effort for our long term growth and success. In order to survive in today’s dynamic business environment we need to make room for continuous improvement. Our motto is doing things better than yesterday, which is why we emphasize on making incremental improvements. We make efforts to improve regarding productivity, effectiveness, customer satisfaction, teamwork or problem solving. To make improvements we have the mindset to take criticism and feedback positively as well as we have to try doing things beyond our comfort zone to increase performance level.

Our Mission & Vision Since 1981 this company is working in eradicating poverty from the society. Therefore we believe in

“Poverty and Hunger are curses.”

We want to achieve the vision of -

“Improving livelihood”

We are highly responsible towards our people and society. In order to reduce unemployment from the society and serving best to the deprived people, our aim is -

“To generate employment and earn dignity and self-respect for our compatriots through profitable enterprises.”

Our Strength As members of RFL family, we believe each employee should instill 3 behavioral traits/qualities among them. These three qualities are our main strengths and help us in setting our goals by shaping up core values for the company. Our qualities make us distinctive from others and encourage us to grow bigger every day. By nurturing the following traits we also set our own path towards success.

We are proud to have a dedicated and intelligent workforce in our company. Intelligence is defined here as competencies of the job, using common sense as well as being good at situational management. In RFL, we have a large team consisting of over 25,000 team members nationwide. The success of our company relies on our team members’ commitment to work, practical knowledge they apply for business operations, their quality of service, their problem solving skills and innovative ideas. In RFL, we have a team of qualified and skillful professionals who are capable of overcoming challenges with their strategic planning and effective decision making.

We practice a high level of integrity in our organization to achieve our goals. Integrity is about having strong moral values and being reliable and loyal to the organization. We show integrity by treating others with respect, being responsible for our actions, ensuring fair judgment and transparency and protecting the reputation of our company. Being sincere towards our duties and obligations will help us to perform with integrity and it will make us effective team players of a winning team.

One of our key attributes that makes us different than our competitors is our intensive nature of work. We concentrate on being specialized in what we do and we take ownership of our job. Our aim is to make continuous improvement through strategic planning, hard work, and persistency. We believe that long term growth is possible when we carry out a strategic plan with intensive work. With intelligent workforce and intensive work we will be able to fulfill our journey of good to great.

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