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Life at RFL

RFL offers a dynamic work environment where people from different backgrounds and expertise work under the same umbrella. This multi-cultural environment cherishes its diversity and works to synergize them. RFL culture offers the non- compromising result oriented environment. In this dynamic culture, results speak for the efforts given. Scope for personal and career development in the organization is immense. The core values of our organization include discipline, commitment to work, service orientation, fair judgment and continuous improvement. These values paint the way of success for us.

The core strength of RFL as an organization lies in its people. The diversity in terms of culture, background, nationality and expertise make the workplace effective and efficient to the greatest extent. RFL ties the bond with its people and products through establishing state of art production and operational facilities, world class technologies, quality parameters and neatly seemed value chain where every single contribution counts from our people. For this, the organization believes in strongly bonded work culture where people from different walks of life pass the baton in chain of success.

RFL today has more than 10,000 products ranging from plastics to metal, from electronics to bicycle. This widest range of product scatters to the widest range of customers of different economic backgrounds and social status, and that is what makes us stand out from others in the market. Ensuring best quality products and services, RFL is growing at a geometric progression and is the largest in its own industry locally and internationally. This work place unleashes enormous opportunities for its employees to gain expertise in such dynamic environment.

Workplace that offers Diversity in Culture

Trust & Credibility go hand in hand

In RFL, we offer true essence of team work and unity. Most of the functions are closely linked to each other which require team effort and combined collaboration from all over the organization. This unity is based on trustworthiness among our people. We are highly dedicated and committed to our work. It helps us to earn the credibility at our own workplace. RFL believes that its people are the biggest asset and driving force behind its success today. Our unity and team effort has made us unique from others.

On a different note, RFL is well known for its aggressive marketing strategy all over the country. Having such varieties of brands and operations, RFL is now going to be a global company with its strongest asset that it nurtures every day. Creative minds of RFL employees are being praised and valued most for their best effort put on the brand’s creation. The ability to have faith in such creation and its creators increases bonding of trust and faith every now and then. This sense of credibility strengthens our vision of hope every day.

We consider RFL as a workshop for the brand creators and development center for the efficient leaders. It is a place of continuous innovation and sustainable change. With a drive to achieve more, we believe in continual improvement for our brands and products which helps us to set clear vision for us. Since we are building our brands from scratch, we proudly take ownership of our creation which enhances the sense of accountability of our work.

  • Freedom of innovation
  • Ownership of creation
  • Accountability of delivering best
  • Prospect of unlimited opportunity

A company having more than 16,000 employees and thousands of products show its true effort in managing the workforce and product line properly. Undoubtedly this operation needs to be handled with great supervision of our true leaders who ensures quality in every aspect of our work. Thus delivering their best output, RFL employees are known as pioneers of best quality products and brands of the country.

Workshop of Creation and Prospect

Benefits we provide

When it comes to secure and safe working environment, we are committed to ensure hazard free surroundings for our employees. RFL offers dormitory in each of its factories for the officials. Furnished rooms with modern facilities are ensured in the dormitories. Factory workers and employees are provided with subsidized food during their lunch time and break in the late afternoon with an affordable price. Employees who are working in the head office are also enjoying the facilities of having subsidized food provided by administration in a nice dining environment. Moreover, pool of car and transport benefits are being provided to the head office employees with pick and drop facility. Medical facilities, welfare fund etc. are also provided to the employees of both head office and factories.​

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