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Our Departments

Human Resource (HR) Department

Our human resources department plays a significant role to manage our enormous workforce containing over 27,000 members. We have an empowering work environment in our organization where each and every team members consider themselves as leading contributors. Our recruitment team does an excellent job finding the potential candidates for our organization. Personnel team provides various services to our employees such as- payroll maintenance, employee database, compensation, benefits, rewards and incentives. Training team is involved with organizing various training programs so that we can develop more talents within our origination. The purpose for training program is to nurture the work skills of our employees and to motivate them to perform well.
We practice a sound and ethical accounting standard for effective decision making and long term growth. In order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations we perform various accounting and finance related functions including planning, analyzing, budgeting, financial reporting and auditing. Our goal is to provide reasonable assurance to our stakeholders through control and accountability. To obtain our financial goals and to enhance the reliability and accuracy of financial reporting we have a highly qualified and self-motivated team who performs with highest integrity and dedication in the workplace.

Accounts & Finance Department

Supply Chain

We use an advanced and highly effective supply chain management system in our company. Our supply chain management team carries out various functions such as- supply & capacity planning, procurement, inventory control, and materials management in order to provide the needs of our suppliers and customers. Our team members of supply chain management perform in a collaborative work environment where they can utilize their skills and unlock their potentials. We encourage our team members to provide excellence in service through innovative ideas and continuous improvement.
As a sales oriented company, one of our primary focus is to ensure the efficiency of our sales operations. We have a talented group of individuals in our sales team who understands the needs of our customers, develops effective solutions for problems and creates an impact by delivering quality products and services. Our sales team is involved with various sales related functions such as- Direct sales, Secondary Sales & Institutional Sales. This team works under the direct supervision of our mentors. Effective training on sales as well as customer service management makes this force competent & result focused. Meeting our sales goals & achieving the result relies on the competency of our sales team.


Management Information System (MIS)

Our MIS department consists of skilled professionals who are committed to provide the best possible business solutions and communication platforms to support our business functions. MIS team is involved with various functions such as application development, business analysis, database management, enterprise resource planning and IT security supporting. In order to implement our management functions smoothly MIS team develops software applications, maintains hardware and workstation, provides technical support and also ensures the security of database system. As we believe in continuous improvement, we invest technology based business solution and process development so that talented individuals can utilize their skills in information technology.
We need our distribution team to make our products available to our customers. To meet the needs of our buyers and customers we have a wide network of distribution team nationwide. Distribution department manages several functions such as packaging, inventory, warehousing, and logistics. Our distribution team adds value to our business operation by optimizing automated process and by applying cost effective methods to deliver finished products from the place of production to point of sales. To ensure the profitability and quality performance, our distribution team focuses on channel management, distribution analysis, sales and operation planning along with product distribution.


Marketing Department

In our marketing department we have a group of creative professionals who apply innovative and sustainable strategies to increase the market share of our company. Our marketing team is actively involved in product campaign, brand awareness, publicity and sales promotions in order to reach out to new and existing customers. Some of the key functions our marketing team provides are brand development, opportunity assessment, market research & segmentation, communication planning and public relations. We have three main units in our marketing department, which are- Branding, Events and Design. We provide ample opportunities and resources to our members of marketing team so that they can show their skills and creativity to the fullest.
Our export department makes connections with our international buyers and makes every effort to meet global standards as well as buyer’s requirements. Currently we are exporting our products in more than forty countries worldwide and we strive to expand our operation in more regions. Our export team ensures the proper chain of distribution, customer relation, and quality requirements from our international clients and maintains a liaison between factories, departments and administration. This team is also responsible for overseeing government regulation regarding foreign trade and customs as well as financing, payments and maintaining foreign transaction records.


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