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Being one of the giant locals, RFL represents a place of opportunity, success and achievement. Our core asset is our diversified workforce which is putting its mark in the industry to create a unique workplace.It tends to bring the best among our people. It also teaches us to bring the best outcome through our hard work. By developing core efficiencies among individuals, it tendersreal talent. Operating globally with strong brands needs to have high synergy among people. With an environment full of opportunities and prosper, we create the competitive advantage within our employees and build the strength among them. Thus our people can take pride in each significant contribution made by them. Moreover they are putting their feet outside the national boundary with sheer glory and excellence of quality & trust which has been nurtured from very beginning within our company. Gradually people learn with the growth of products. It relishes combined effort from all over the places. Thus the efficiency of people moves upwards spontaneously with relentless progress of business.

Growth Opportunity

Learn, Experience And Grow

RFL offers a place to gather experience with immense learning and understanding of it’s business.Direct involvement with projects helps to expand the knowledge of learning and expertise.Starting from the process development to implementing those in different situations, it offers one to take full challenges in sustainability of brands. These challenges help in expanding one’s span of knowledge.

With the help of knowledge sharing individuals get to experience more from theirimplementation of work. Over time this experience helps us to grow more with business.With growing business context our environment helps to take critical decisions which enhance the ability of situational decision making. Thus our true leaders have born and grown from the beginning of its journey. Working here offers us to build positive attitude through our work. This positive attitude not only helps us to grow as an ideal employee but also a sound human being. Few everyday coaching programs are:

  • Time Management Skill
  • Team Building Ability
  • Effective Leadership Quality
  • Situational Decision Making
  • Competitive Mindset for Business

RFL, is a performance driven organization with strong belief that performance comes from belongingness and ownership. By fostering an environment of creativity, open-mindset, and fresh thinking from diverse perspectives, we shape future business leaders through exceptional training, development, and mentoring programs. We believe in true dedication for our work and continuous progress. Achieving best results require delivering best in the first place and thesedirectly come from our environment where people tend to learn from competitive situation.

In this diversified organization, sustainability of people is assured by the KPI of individuals. Each individual is provided with different projects and responsibilities, where they have full space to deliver their best. Openness in decision making drives to perform well. On the other hand, openness and freedom of operation is also required to develop one’s efficient understanding for business. With the course of time, people tend to learn from this situation and act spontaneously in order to attain their goals. This helps in shaping up their potentiality of work.

Performance is the key to Success

Opportunity full of Accomplishment & Achievement

Every day with a birth of new brand we aspire to grow more and build our own milestone towards success. We believe in celebrating success through our work and true motivation for successdirectly comes from dedication and true work. New brands are being developed here every day with divine hope of strong establishment. This establishment is closely supervised with our people in order to ensure quality in each of the process.

Since we aim to deliver with quality brads, ensuring quality among our people is one of the core competencies that we conquer with utter pride. We consider our people as a family and each of their contribution is being considered throughout the working process. As a result they are getting full opportunity in learning and implementing those within a pleasant working culture.

RFL family is employing more than 16,000 people under its vast operation. Nurturing such huge number of people undoubtedly needs immense direction and guidance from the top management. This massive field of opportunity provides its people greener hope for growing themselves. It also helps in establishing the solid pillar of success for the company. The current growth of this company is 31% each year. With sheer pride we crossed the national boundary and stepping into new parts of world. Being a part of this global company, we align our dream in developing ourselves for future.

We are always committed to help our people to learn, grow & enhance their functional skills, interpersonal capabilities& communication effectiveness. Most of our successful leaders today have grown from this organization and leading the companies with their technical proficiency. Also our leadership development focuses on developing futureleaders who think before they act and also act according to the values that the organization embraces.

Creating supportive environment for the leaders and ensuring proper learning is also driven by us with great concern. However, we believe in true dedication of work and willingness to accept challenges that make us significant than others. Continuous striving for success and achievement make us unique from others. Our motive remains constant in improving ourselves day by bay. We believe in competing with our own competencies and growing more for success. We also believe in sustained leadership qualities since we consider our leaders to lead themselves in each single cluster of the organization. With a mindset to winning globally, our business is spreading its wings gradually and we strive to conquer our dignity through exceptional work.

We build our Future Leaders

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