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Who are We?

RFL offers a dynamic work environment where people from different backgrounds and expertise work under the same umbrella. This is a diversified work place where people from different industries, culture and backgrounds work together for the greater goal. This multi-cultural environment cherishes its diversity and works to synergize them. RFL culture offers the non-compromising result oriented environment. In this dynamic culture results, speak for the efforts given. A lot of scope for personal and career development in the organization is evident.The core values of our organization include integrity, trust and ownership which paint the way of success for us.

We are looking for a bunch of fresh talents ready to accept challenges and drive their efficiency in one of the most aggressive markets. People who strive for achievement and always enthusiastic about creativity and innovation are highly encouraged in our organization. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to think critically lead us to make strategic planning. We are seeking for individuals who are not only good performers but also leaders to cope up with our work culture.

Since each of the companies is brain child of our hard work and devotion, we seek for people who are equally thirsty in conquering the highest peak of success. Most of our successful leaders are home grown, so we aim to create leaders for future. We share the responsibility of our functions and expect our leaders to justify them in best manner.

who are we looking for?

Recruitment Process

We follow a concrete structure for our recruitment process. Structurally we have four phase of recruitment process. In the first phase we collect CVs from our online applicants. They can apply directly from the website or from any other job site. After screening those out, we call for a written exam in the second phase.

Those who qualify in the exam are called for the third phase of interview which is a competency based interview with our HR department and functional head. And finally after selecting the appropriate candidate, last phase of interview is being held with the top management.

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