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SERA Water Tank
In 2011, SERA brand started its journey under the mother company RFL. SERA water tank is a high-tech, synthetic product that is used all over Bangladesh as replacement of other water tanks. SERA water tank is durable, affordable and made in various colors and sizes to cater customer demand. Initially we fought to establish our brand. But within this short journey we have become successful to take position in our customers mind. Now we are running so swiftly comparing to our competitors.

The competitive advantages of using SERA water tank are:
  • • Thread type lid.
  • • 100% food grade.
  • • Anti bacterial additive.
  • • Double layer.
Roto Water Tank
Blow Water Tank
Following Features of the Cool Water Tank:
  • 1. Fittings are in-molded with brass inserts which is rust-free and ready to use with threaded PVC or GI Pipe.
  • 2. For Tank installation Person no need to go inside tank.
  • 3. First time in Bangladesh Premium Grade 3 Layer Water Tanks that Protect water from sunlight heat.
  • 4. Readymade wash line for easy cleaning.
  • 5. Inside layer-Bluish white that reflects purity of water and antibacterial additive protect bacteria growth.
Cool Water Tank
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